By Bob DeFabrizio, Membership Committee

Engagement.  Much has been written about the need for organizations to engage their employees, members, voters, readers, etc.  But what does this mean?  Engagement is defined as “something that engages” or “emotional involvement or commitment.”  To engage is to “hold the attention of” or “induce participation.”

It is essential for maintaining a vibrant member organization, such as LLNE, that it strives to engage members.  LLNE attempts to accomplish this through education, blogs, social events, and community service.  By fostering a professional “community,” LLNE seeks to advance its stated purpose “to enhance the roles of law librarians in the legal and library professions.”

Unlike larger, better-funded, organizations, such as AALL, employing full-time staff, LLNE relies on the gift of time and energy by its volunteer members.  This task requires dedication and vision, keeping in mind the past, present, and future.  The Association must balance the needs of its diverse membership with the fiscal and administrative responsibilities incumbent with running such an organization.

One important and less discussed part of engagement is the responsibility of Association members to engage with the organization.  A community requires the involvement and commitment of its members to each other and to the community at large.  Members should endeavor to engage with other members.  We have much to gain and learn from each other.  When was the last time you had coffee or lunch with a colleague?  We need to take the time to connect with our neighbor members.  Today, technology is seen as keeping us “connected.”   However, as Sajan Patel recently pointed out “(t)echnology should be used to amplify your community, but it’s not your community itself.”  (www.entrepreneur.com/article/308921)

Just as LLNE needs to engage its members, its members must engage with LLNE, and more importantly, each other.


LLNE’s 2017 AALL Award Winners

The LLNE Membership Development Committee would like to recognize the following LLNE members who have won awards granted by AALL:

  • AALL Spectrum Article of the Year: Pat Newcombe, Western New England University School of Law Library
  • LexisNexis/John R. Johnson Memorial Scholarship: Alisha Hennen, Roger Williams University Law Library
  • Marcia J. Koslov Scholarship: Jessica Lundgren, Maine Law & Legislative Reference Library
  • AALL Annual Meeting Grant: Elaine Apostola, Maine Law & Legislative Reference Library
  • AALL Annual Meeting Chapter Grant: T.K. Adkins, Boston University Fineman & Pappas Law Libraries
  • LISP-SIS Kathy Garner Grant: Jessica Almeida, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth School of Law Library
  • SR-SIS Alan Holoch Memorial Grant: Joshua LaPorte, University of Connecticut School of Law Library

See more details on the awards at http://www.aallnet.org/mm/Member-Resources/AALLawards/2017AALLawardsbrochure.pdf

Congratulations all!

Raquel M. Ortiz & Jenna Fegreus

LLNE Membership Development Committee Co-Chairs

Generosity: A Message from the LLNE Membership Committee

By Nicole P. Dyszlewski

Because the Service Committee’s Spring project benefits the Rhode Island Department of Corrections Library System and I am a Rhode Island law librarian, I have been receiving the donations here in my office at Roger Williams University Library. I have been so impressed by the generosity of LLNE members. While the book drive, Bringing Books Behind Bars, is being organized by the Service Committee, and I am sure that committee will thank all donors fully, I just wanted to take a moment from behind the wall of donated books in my office to point out what is obvious to me. It is obvious to me that LLNE is a community of thoughtful, generous, and committed members.

Book Drive Pic

Every morning for the last few weeks I have come in to my office to find packages from Amazon. These books have been donated from active librarians and retired librarians from government, academic and private firm libraries from several New England states. Several people have even donated multiple books! It is clear from the response to the Service Committee’s call to action that the members of our organization are engaged and involved in this project.

Many professional organizations (including our own) have lately suffered from a decrease in members. In addition, leaders of these organizations, and LLNE in particular, work hard to assess how actively engaged members appear. LLNE uses data such as number of attendees at meetings and responses to listserv posts on issues to gauge the connectivity and vibrancy of the organization. These conversations and changes made to organizational processes are important. If you have ideas on how LLNE can continue to serve its members, the Membership Committee and all of LLNE leadership would be happy to speak with you. This conversation continues and we invite you to be one of the participants as we move forward.

LLNE Members’ Leadership Potential Recognized by AALL

The January 2016 issue of the AALL E-Newsletter announced the participants for this year’s AALL Leadership Academy.
The LLNE Executive Board is pleased to acknowledge the five LLNE members selected to participate in this year’s academy:

• Claire DeMarco
• Nicole Dyszlewski
• Cate Kellett
• Anna Lawless-Collins
• Anne Rajotte

AALL’s Leadership Academy is an opportunity for newer and aspiring members of the profession to develop and learn from experts and each other essential skills for effective leadership such as communication, collaboration, leadership versus management, and more.
Through a series of assessments, focused conversations, group activities, and networking opportunities, these aspiring newer members will develop these skills and add colleagues from around the nation to their expanding network of professional connections.
Congratulations to Anna, Anne, Cate, Claire, and Nicole! Watch this space and other LLNE communications media for a view into the leadership academy from our participating members.

Posted on behalf of Raquel Ortiz, Assistant Dean for Library and Information Services & Associate Professor of Law, Roger Williams University School of Law, Membership Development Chair of LLNE

Education Committee Update

By Ellen Frentzen & Elliot Hibbler

As we’re writing this, Elliott has finished up a proposal  for an AALL/Bloomberg BNA Continuing Education Grant to fund an exciting new continuing education series from LLNE. More details coming soon!

Planning for the Spring Meeting, which will be held April 8 at Northeastern University, is also well under way. It will be a joint meeting with ABLL, and the theme is Access to Government information. Be sure to save the date for this one!

Elliott is also co-teaching the legal information sources class offered to MLS students at Simmons with fellow LLNE member Scott Akehurst-Moore. If you have the opportunity, please recommend the course to your Simmons friends (and of course, suggest they join LLNE—it’s only $5 for a student membership, and there are lots of great benefits).

LLNE Fall Meeting Update

By the Planning Committee

This year’s Fall LLNE meeting Successfully Supporting & Igniting Innovation is being hosted by the staff of the Roger Williams University School of Law Library and is being held in Bristol, RI. If you have never been to Bristol you are missing out. While it is best known for its festive (some might say over the top?) 4th of July celebration, it has also recently been recognized as a leaf peeping destination. According to TripAdvisor, Bristol is one of “23 of the most scenic North American destinations for leaf peeping this autumn.”


If you haven’t already registered for the LLNE Fall meeting, registration will be open until September 25th. For more information about what Bristol has to offer as a weekend destination, see the meeting’s website. Also, scholarship applications are still being accepted at this time.

We are looking forward to the meeting and looking forward to showing you all Rhode Island has to offer!

Fall Meeting Plenary Speaker Announced

The LLNE Fall Meeting Planning Committee is excited to announce Margaret Hagan as our plenary speaker for the upcoming Fall meeting at Roger Williams University School of Law in Bristol, RI.

In keeping with the theme on innovation, we will be mixing the day up by hosting Ms. Hagan remotely via Skype during our lunch time.

Margaret Hagan is a Fellow at the Center on the Legal Profession at Stanford Law School & a Lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design (d.school).

While a student at Stanford Law, Ms. Hagan built Law Dojo to make studying for law school classes more interactive. She also started the blog Open Law Lab which was chosen as one of the top 100 legal sites by the ABA Journal in 2014. While a fellow at the d.school, she launched the Legal Design Initiative (formerly the Program for Legal Technology & Design), experimenting in how design can make legal services more usable, useful & engaging.

One of Ms. Hagan’s projects may be especially interesting to law librarians. The Visual Law Library is a free online collection of law visualizations, including infographics. One fun example is Mistake Defenses to Crimes at http://www.legaltechdesign.com/visualawlibrary/2014/02/13/mistake-defenses-to-crimes/.

The RWU law library staff has been at work on the upcoming meeting for months and is very excited that Margaret Hagan will be joining us. We are looking forward to sharing the day with LLNE members discussing innovation.

Please register now for the LLNE Fall Meeting, Successfully Supporting & Igniting Innovation.

Invitation to Innovation

LLNE_FallMtg_web FINAL

Innovation surrounds our profession. Constant changes in legal technology, the practice of law, librarianship, information politics, and organizational culture often represent tremendous creativity and innovation.

You are cordially invited to join us for the LLNE Fall Meeting titled Successfully Supporting & Igniting Innovation which will be hosted by Roger Williams University School of Law Library in Bristol, RI on October 2, 2015. The RWU law library staff has been planning this meeting for months and is looking forward to sharing the day with you talking about innovation!  We are trying to strike a balance between the theoretical, the practical, and the fun. We are also showcasing all Rhode Island has to offer on the innovation front.

This meeting attempts to engage successful innovators in our field and in New England in a discussion about why innovation is important and how we can support innovation among ourselves, for our patrons, at our institutions, in the practice of law, and as learning facilitators. The morning will feature panelists who will discuss the importance of supporting an innovative culture and the afternoon will feature an unconference.

For those of you who had the opportunity to attend the AALL Annual Meeting this year, you may have noticed an interactive whiteboard display for attendees to contribute ideas and sketches to during the course of the event. In the spirit of innovation, we are planning on having a similar reflective graphic available for conference attendees to express ideas on creating and supporting library and legal innovation. Created by a librarian/artist from New Hampshire, this experience promises to be unique and fun.

Registration is now open. More information will be posted as it becomes available. If you have questions about lodging, the program, or registration, please contact Raquel Ortiz at rortiz@rwu.edu.


Photo Credit: Kathleen MacAndrew

LLNE at AALL 2015: Exhibitors, Presenters, Award Winners, and Leaders

By Raquel Ortiz, Membership Development Committee Chair

Heading to Philly later this month? LLNE will be well represented, so here are some tips on who and what not to miss during the conference.

Starting at Saturday’s Exhibit Hall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony/Opening Reception and throughout the conference, drop by the LLNE table. We will have highlights from 2014-2015, information about the LLNE Legal Link, giveaways, and a prize raffle perfect for Philly! While you’re at the table, sign up as a volunteer to help us plan LLNE’s 70th Anniversary next year. Pat will also be there at times during the conference, when he’s not visiting old friends in the Exhibit Hall or checking out Philly.

Also during the Opening Reception, stop by the AALL booth and congratulate our AALL award-winning members, who will be photographed from 5:30-6:30 that evening.

On Sunday night from 6 to 8pm, please join members of the LLNE Executive Board for our Meet and Greet at Vintage Wine Bar, a short walk from the convention center and the conference hotels. Business optional, casual conversation and fun are a given!

If you have not already done so, please register for the LLNE Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon on Tuesday. While you enjoy a lovely meal, catch up with friends and meet new LLNE colleagues, participate in our business meeting, and vote on our candidates for LLNE office.

Throughout the conference, our members will be busy receiving AALL awards, section awards, presenting programs and poster sessions, and wrapping up or stepping into leadership roles. Congratulations to the following members, who put the Leadership in LLNE!

  • Section Award winners: Blair Kauffman (ALL-SIS), Meg Kribble (CS-SIS)
  • Poster Sessions: Timothy Dannay, Nicole Dyszlewski, Corinne Griffiths, Rebecca Martin, Jessica Panella, Jennifer Robble
  • Programs: Nicole Dyszlewski, Scott Matheson, Sarah Ryan, Michael VanderHeijden, Ron Wheeler
  • Special Interest Sections: Jennifer Allison, Patrick Butler, Melanie Cornell, Steven Alexandre DaCosta-Ellis, Laurel Davis, Nicole Dyszlewski, Stephanie Edwards, Christine Iaconeta, Jordan Jefferson, Susan Karpuk, Catherine Kellett, Jocelyn Kennedy, Liza Rosenof, Sarah Ryan
  • AALL Committees: Patrick Butler, June Casey, Nicole Dyszlewski, Darcy Kirk, Meg Kribble, Jootaek Lee, Anne McDonald, John Nann, Anupama Pal, Ron Wheeler
  • AALL Board: Katherine Coolidge, Ron Wheeler

Did we miss you on our list of LLNE stars? Please email rortiz@rwu.edu so that you can be counted!



Another Great Year to be an LLNE Member

By the Membership Committee

LLNE is having a wonderful year, which wraps up on June 30.   So far this year our members coordinated two terrific meetings, ran another successful Legal Research Instruction Program,  wrote for our blog on technology, teaching, and turning theory into practice, and within committees contributed blog posts on Archives & History, Government Relations, and Service.   Members have been awarded scholarships to attend the fall and spring LLNE meetings, have been honored by a number of AALL Awards, will be serving in AALL leadership positions, or are preparing to coordinate/present at the AALL meeting.

The Membership Committee has written about LLNE Life Membership, which the membership awarded to six retired members at the spring 2015 meeting, and the wonderful privileges that come with LLNE membership.  In December, we sent our first holiday card to the membership.  At the spring meeting, we had our first LLNE table and ran our first Twitter campaign #LLNEMeans where members told our followers what LLNE means to them.

At the fast approaching AALL meeting, we will hold our first Meet & Greet with LLNE Executive Board Members.  Look for an invitation in your email in June.  Look out also for the return of Pat the Pilgrim and more of his Twitter shenanigans.  We will have a wonderful table in the Exhibit Hall, highlighting LLNE’s year, so look for us during one of the Exhibit Hall breaks or whenever you have some time at the Exhibit Hall.

As the year ends, we take this opportunity to remind you that renewal notices will be sent via email to each individual member very soon.  If any colleagues from your institution have moved outside the area or have retired, please contact Raquel Ortiz, Membership Development Chair.  If you know of any law librarians in your area who are not members, please let them know about the wonderful benefits of membership and point them to our online membership form.   When you renew your membership, take a look at our volunteer opportunities.  Even if you can’t join a committee, be sure to share your wonderful ideas with the chair(s).

Finally, the LLNE Membership Development Committee wants to hear from you.  What kinds of activities, in person, virtual, or other, would you like us to take on for the benefit of LLNE members?  How can we encourage communication, collaboration, networking, and fun within LLNE?  Contact any committee member with your thoughts.