Access to Justice

Committee Charge

  • The Access to Justice Committee shall consist of a chair, or co-chairs, and such additional members as the President shall designate.
  • Recognizing the acute need in many New England communities for access to legal information and recognizing the unique training, expertise, and resources of New England’s law librarians, the Access to Justice Committee shall partner with public librarians, court personnel and others to leverage collections, professional knowledge and skills to promote access to justice through greater understanding and availability of legal information.
  • Further recognizing that there are many as-yet unidentified opportunities to partner with Access to Justice communities of interest, the Committee shall not limit itself to familiar librarian roles. Rather, the Committee shall remain open to new and alternative modes and methods of supporting the Access to Justice movement.


Anne Rajotte, Chair
Head of Reference Services
University of Connecticut Law Library
(860) 570-5081
Sara McMahon
Head Law Librarian
Hampshire Law Library
99 Main Street, Suite 1
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-2297
Dana Lucisano
Reference Librarian
Silas Bronson Library
Waterbury, CT
Misty Peltz-Steele
Assistant Dean
University of Massachusetts School of Law
Dartmouth Library
(508) 985-1132
Emily Morin-Martel
Circuit Law Librarian
Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries