Budget SubCommittee

Committee Charge


1. The Budget Subcommittee of the Executive Board shall consist of the President, Treasurer, the senior Education Director, and the Vice-President/President-Elect. An Assistant Treasurer appointed by the Executive Board may also serve on this committee. The Vice-President chairs the subcommittee.

2. The subcommittee is responsible for the submission of an annual budget proposal to the Executive Board.

3. Solicits budget proposals from the committee chairs.

4. Gathers information on current and previous fiscal year expenditures including reports from the Program Planning Committees, Treasurer reports, and projected data for recurring expenditures (e.g. Annual Meeting Luncheon, Chapter Liability Insurance).

5. Reviews and prioritizes committee budget proposals based on all available financial information and prepares a budget proposal for the following fiscal year.

6. Submits the budget proposal to the Executive Board, by March 31, for approval at the May or June meeting of the Board.