LLNE Listserv

About the LLNE Listserves
List etiquette

About the LLNE Listserves
The main LLNE Listserve hosted by mail-list.com, is the official list for announcements of LLNE meetings, scholarships, activities, etc. Subscription requests are moderated. Subscribers are limited to LLNE members. New members are added throughout the year. The list is reviewed yearly and addresses purged as needed.

Other specialized lists can be created with the consent of the LLNE Executive Board. Contact the list manager for more information about this.

Please review the LLNE list rules for information about appropriate conduct for the list. Some appropriate topics for discussion on the list include:

  • job postings
  • local workshops and seminars
  • notice of membership changes
  • committee news
  • requests for volunteers for LLNE activities
  • news of interest to the New England law library community
  • reference requests that are local in nature
  • hard to find ILL requests
  • discussions of issues relating to our jobs
  • informal surveys

The List is currently managed by Artie Berns & Alex Burnett. Questions about the lists should be sent to aberns@rwu.edu.

Listserve etiquette: some do’s and don’ts

DO include a descriptive subject line with all messages. Eg. ILL, Free books
for postage, etc.

DON’T forget to sign your messages. Include your name, affiliation, and contact information.

DO inform the list managers when your email address changes.

DON’T use the list as a substitute for the LLNE News, blog or website. Longer items should be submitted to one of those venues for publication.

DO remember that your list manager is here to help you with any issues regarding your LLNE list subscriptions!