Technology Committee

Committee Charge

The Committee shall consist of the chairperson(s) and other members as appointed by the LLNE President.

The Technology Committee serves LLNE in the following ways:

  • Maintains technologies currently used by LLNE including but not limited to:
    • Website
    • Listserv
  • Evaluates, provides, and maintains technology solutions for LLNE as a whole and for other LLNE committees.

Committee Members

Responsibilities of the chair(s):

  • The Committee Chair(s) presides at the committee meetings and reports on committee activities at LLNE executive board meetings. In the event that the Chair is unable to attend a scheduled executive board meeting, the Chair(s) will submit a report to be given by the LLNE President.
  • The Chair(s) serve as members of the LLNE executive board.
  • The Chair(s) also report on committee progress at the LLNE business meeting or via LLNE News and writes an official annual report of the committee’s activities to be submitted to the executive board for the LLNE annual report.