Disabled Member Policy

…[T]he Executive Committee decided to set aside a small amount of money annually for disabled members to attend LLNE programs.  This money will be available to any disabled member who elects to apply for it and who can show his or her need for special services or equipment necessary to participate in an LLNE program.  For purposes of this policy, a “disabled member” is any current LLNE member with a physical impairment resulting from anatomical or physiological abnormalities demonstrable by medically acceptable clinical and laboratory diagnostic techniques.  For example, “disabled” would include a member confined to a wheel chair, one who needs assistance walking, a blind member,
a deaf member.  The financial assistance that LLNE would provide is limited to physical disability and necessary to allow the disabled member to participate in an LLNE program.  Such special services or equipment include wheelchairs, deaf interpreters, etc. The financial assistance could not, however, be applied to transportation, food, hotel, or registration costs normally associated with attending an LLNE meeting.

The Executive Committee allocated $200 for this fund for 1988-89 and will decide at the beginning of  each fiscal year the amount available for that year.  The Committee’s decision will relate to the financial health of the association and the amount designated may vary from year to year.  The Committee also reserves the right to re-evaluate this policy and discontinue it if it is not successful.  Applicants for
financial assistance for program attendance costs incident to a physical disability should keep in mind that the annual amount available is modest and must be apportioned fairly among applicants.  Application may be made to the Executive Committee through the LLNE President.

The preceding policy first appeared in Law Librarians of New England News, March 1989, at 4.