Executive Board Member Expense Reimbursement Policy

LLNE recognizes that participation on the Executive Board requires a commitment of time and talent. It may also require a financial commitment, when attendance at LLNE — and sometimes AALL — sponsored events becomes necessary. It is expected that each Board member’s institution supports their participation as a matter of professional development. However, we realize that there may be times when institutional budgets are not sufficient to cover a Board member’s entire costs or a Board member is unemployed during their period of service. In an effort to encourage and support the leadership of LLNE, it is our intention that the cost of travel should not preclude participation in organization activities. To that end, we propose the following policy.

We will implement the proposed reimbursement policy beginning with FY 21 (July 1, 2020).

All members of the Executive Board, which consists of the Executive Committee (President, Vice-President/President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Immediate Past President and Education Directors) plus committee chairs, may request reimbursement for expenses in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. Attendance at the event is required for the LLNE Executive Board Member. “Required” is construed to mean necessary for fulfillment of one’s Board duties, such as AALL’s chapter leadership training for incoming presidents and vice presidents, or participation in the annual Executive Board retreat. With the exception of members of the Executive Committee, physical attendance at other board or committee meetings, or delivery of board or committee reports at LLNE meetings, is not required.
2. The home institution of the Executive Board Member is unable to cover all or some of the cost of the Member’s attendance, or the Executive Board Member is unemployed at the time of their Board service.
3. This reimbursement policy is not intended to substitute for an LLNE Committee Budget Proposal. If a Board Member wishes to present at a conference on behalf of a Committee, they should propose and seek funds for this purpose during the annual Budget Request period.
4. Executive Board Members may request reimbursement only for approved expenses not covered by the home institution, for the day(s) needed to attend the required event. Approved expenses may include coach class air, train, or mileage reimbursement consistent with the IRS standard mileage rates for business (whichever mode of transportation is cheapest, or is required to provide adequate accommodation) as well as lodging and meals in compliance with the guidelines established by the Government Services Administration (GSA) for the fiscal year of the travel.
5. LLNE meeting registration costs are reimbursable. All other conference registration costs (e.g. AALL, AALS, etc.) will not be reimbursed.
5a. Travel costs to the AALL Annual Meeting are not reimbursable.
6. All requests for reimbursement are subject to review and approval by the Executive Committee. Requests for reimbursement by a member of the Executive Committee will be subject to review and approval by the non-requesting members of the Executive Committee.
6a. All requests for reimbursement are subject to the LLNE budget currently set at $1000.