Librarians Having Latte

Learn more about law librarianship and get to know your colleagues with this first installment of “Librarians Getting Latte!”

Special thanks to AALL/Bloomberg for the continuing education grant that helped fund this project. If you have ideas for any law librarians you’d love to see in an upcoming episode, please let us know! We’re especially keen to hear from law librarians outside Massachusetts who are working in non-academic settings.

Spring 2020 Online Meeting

For those of you who were unable to attend the Spring 2020 Online Spring Meeting, here is the video of each session. You can download the chat transcript for each session by clicking on the button just below each video’s title.

Mindfulness During a Pandemic

How to Prove Your Value While Working From Home

Disappearing Print Resources

Tech Services Workflow While Working From Home

Outreach & Marketing Online Services During COVID-19