Education committee update

By Elliot Hibbler

It is “Sunshine Week” this week! No, it is not about the weather (the warm temperatures have not correlated with clear days so far) but about open government and freedom of information. This week, we have seen the Senate pass a bill, S. 337, related to improving FOIA. Many such bills are also at various stages of the legislative process at the state level.

Which reminds me…the LLNE / ABLL Spring meeting is coming up soon!

We have a great day of programming planned. We will be looking at access to government information from a policy level, and also getting into the specifics of how access is working in practice. We’ll also look at projects shaping the future of access. There is still time to register at!

Education committee update

By Ellen Frentzen & Elliot Hibbler

We are excited to announce a new slate of programming coordinated by the Education Committee. We are excited to have received a Bloomberg BNA Grant for our forthcoming series, Librarians Getting Latte. Librarians Getting Latte is a series of short videos along the lines of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The videos will be formatted as a series of short conversations between a librarian and different stakeholders in the legal information ecosystem with planned guests including experienced librarians, law school faculty, and government officials. Every conversation will go a little differently, as we will be matching people based on geography. It is our hope that, once we get the initial video up and running, the program can be expanded to include other chapters as well.

Education Committee Update

By Ellen Frentzen & Elliot Hibbler

As we’re writing this, Elliott has finished up a proposal  for an AALL/Bloomberg BNA Continuing Education Grant to fund an exciting new continuing education series from LLNE. More details coming soon!

Planning for the Spring Meeting, which will be held April 8 at Northeastern University, is also well under way. It will be a joint meeting with ABLL, and the theme is Access to Government information. Be sure to save the date for this one!

Elliott is also co-teaching the legal information sources class offered to MLS students at Simmons with fellow LLNE member Scott Akehurst-Moore. If you have the opportunity, please recommend the course to your Simmons friends (and of course, suggest they join LLNE—it’s only $5 for a student membership, and there are lots of great benefits).

Dispatches from AALL Philadelphia – something I learned: presentation resources

From Diane D’Angelo: Want to create cool animated presentations? Check out Powtoon! It’s a free resource that will help you captivate & engage students. Attorneys, judges, faculty and deans will also be drawn in to what you have to say with this fun way of presenting.

Service Committee Update

By the Service Committee

The Service Committee has continued to focus its efforts on making connections and building partnerships with public libraries in the New England region.

For the second year in a row, the Service Committee worked with the LLNE Education Committee and the Legal Research Instruction Program (LRIP) to offer two scholarships to New England area public librarians interested in taking the LRIP course. The two librarians who received the scholarships this year were Jeanne Bent of the Hope Public Library in Scituate, RI and Kathleen Clifford of the Boston Public Library in Boston, MA.

The Service Committee is also moving forward with its yet-to-be-named web portal project. The project aims to provide public libraries with one portal for comprehensive information on the legal research and information landscape across New England. Our committee members have started working to compile this resource by reviewing existing tools and projects by law librarians, bar associations, courts and legal aid conglomerates in each of the states. The committee hopes to have some piece of the portal ready and online by the annual meeting. Once complete, the web portal will be hosted on the LLNE website.

In tandem with the web portal project, the Service Committee is interested in creating a network of law librarians throughout New England who are willing to serve as resources to public librarians with legal research questions. The network of librarians will include individuals willing to be “on-call” for questions that may arise in their state of in their area of expertise, but also individuals willing to travel within their local area to provide in-person, basic legal research trainings to public librarians. If you or any of your colleagues are interested in serving as a trainer or on-call librarian for your state or in your area of expertise, please contact Rebecca Martin of the Service Committee.

2015 and 2016 LLNE Meetings

By Elliot Hibbler

Has it already more than a month since the Fall meeting? This morning’s dark, snowy walk to the MBTA says yes.  

Looking back, the folks from Boston College Law Library and the Association of Boston Law Librarians did a great job as hosts. The meeting was held at BC’s Connors Center, in quaint Dover, MA. Attendees were treated to a day of panels and discussion focusing on ways to reinvent the law library. We heard from many different stakeholders in the continued success of law libraries, including law firm librarians, judicial law librarians, academics and attorneys themselves. Of course, none of it would have been possible without the support of the meeting’s sponsors. 

Speaking of meetings, have you been thinking “I get so much out of the LLNE seasonal meetings, but I wish for once the theme would be…?” Have you ever wanted to invite a hundred law librarians over to your organization for a day of learning and lunch? Here is your opportunity – the Education Committee is looking for a host for the Spring 2016 meeting! Let one of the Education Directors (Elliott Hibbler or Bob DeFabrizio) know if you are interested in hosting. No one would say it is an easy commitment, but you will have the Education Committee backing you up all the way. 

If you have an interest in mindfulness, you don’t have to wait long for an LLNE meeting about the topic! The University of New Hampshire School of Law and the Association of New Hampshire Law Librarians will be hosting the Spring 2015 meeting in Concord, NH on April 24th. I am already looking forward to it!