LLNE & ABLL Spring 2016: Access to Government Information

Registration for the LLNE / ABLL Spring 2016 meeting is now open! The theme of the meeting is “Access to Government Information.” We will be spending the day discussing the role of law libraries and the government in providing access to this information, and why it is so critically important.

Registration is $50 for LLNE members, and $40 for ABLL members.

Space is Limited! Register today at http://lawlibraryguides.neu.edu/LLNE2016.

Welcome to happy hour!

Join your colleagues from ABLL and LLNE at the first ever ABLL/LLNE Happy Hour!

Flyer for joint LLNA ABLL Happy HourWhen:

October 15th, from 5pm to 8pm


The Warehouse
40 Broad Street
Boston, MA 02109

RSVP: If you plan on coming, please let April Taylor know so we can keep an eye out for you, but if you’re feeling spontaneous at the last minute, you can just pop in.

Cost:  It only costs as much as you order, and we usually do separate checks to avoid the dreaded math incurred by those nasty eleven-way splits!





LLNE Fall Meeting Update

By the Planning Committee

This year’s Fall LLNE meeting Successfully Supporting & Igniting Innovation is being hosted by the staff of the Roger Williams University School of Law Library and is being held in Bristol, RI. If you have never been to Bristol you are missing out. While it is best known for its festive (some might say over the top?) 4th of July celebration, it has also recently been recognized as a leaf peeping destination. According to TripAdvisor, Bristol is one of “23 of the most scenic North American destinations for leaf peeping this autumn.”


If you haven’t already registered for the LLNE Fall meeting, registration will be open until September 25th. For more information about what Bristol has to offer as a weekend destination, see the meeting’s website. Also, scholarship applications are still being accepted at this time.

We are looking forward to the meeting and looking forward to showing you all Rhode Island has to offer!

Fall Meeting Service Project: Helping Out is as Easy as Pi

Who: You, as an individual and/or your library

What: Help the Girls Who Code Club at Rochambeau Library!

Girls Who Code Logo

How: There are a couple of ways to help:

  1. Buy a Raspberry Pi on Amazon and bring it to the fall meeting on October 2nd at Roger Williams.
  2. Make a monetary donation
    1. In person at the fall meeting
    2. Can’t come to the meeting, but still want to help? Contact Jessica Jones or Josh LaPorte.

Questions? Contact Jessica Jones or Josh LaPorte.

Fall Meeting Plenary Speaker Announced

The LLNE Fall Meeting Planning Committee is excited to announce Margaret Hagan as our plenary speaker for the upcoming Fall meeting at Roger Williams University School of Law in Bristol, RI.

In keeping with the theme on innovation, we will be mixing the day up by hosting Ms. Hagan remotely via Skype during our lunch time.

Margaret Hagan is a Fellow at the Center on the Legal Profession at Stanford Law School & a Lecturer at the Stanford Institute of Design (d.school).

While a student at Stanford Law, Ms. Hagan built Law Dojo to make studying for law school classes more interactive. She also started the blog Open Law Lab which was chosen as one of the top 100 legal sites by the ABA Journal in 2014. While a fellow at the d.school, she launched the Legal Design Initiative (formerly the Program for Legal Technology & Design), experimenting in how design can make legal services more usable, useful & engaging.

One of Ms. Hagan’s projects may be especially interesting to law librarians. The Visual Law Library is a free online collection of law visualizations, including infographics. One fun example is Mistake Defenses to Crimes at http://www.legaltechdesign.com/visualawlibrary/2014/02/13/mistake-defenses-to-crimes/.

The RWU law library staff has been at work on the upcoming meeting for months and is very excited that Margaret Hagan will be joining us. We are looking forward to sharing the day with LLNE members discussing innovation.

Please register now for the LLNE Fall Meeting, Successfully Supporting & Igniting Innovation.

Invitation to Innovation

LLNE_FallMtg_web FINAL

Innovation surrounds our profession. Constant changes in legal technology, the practice of law, librarianship, information politics, and organizational culture often represent tremendous creativity and innovation.

You are cordially invited to join us for the LLNE Fall Meeting titled Successfully Supporting & Igniting Innovation which will be hosted by Roger Williams University School of Law Library in Bristol, RI on October 2, 2015. The RWU law library staff has been planning this meeting for months and is looking forward to sharing the day with you talking about innovation!  We are trying to strike a balance between the theoretical, the practical, and the fun. We are also showcasing all Rhode Island has to offer on the innovation front.

This meeting attempts to engage successful innovators in our field and in New England in a discussion about why innovation is important and how we can support innovation among ourselves, for our patrons, at our institutions, in the practice of law, and as learning facilitators. The morning will feature panelists who will discuss the importance of supporting an innovative culture and the afternoon will feature an unconference.

For those of you who had the opportunity to attend the AALL Annual Meeting this year, you may have noticed an interactive whiteboard display for attendees to contribute ideas and sketches to during the course of the event. In the spirit of innovation, we are planning on having a similar reflective graphic available for conference attendees to express ideas on creating and supporting library and legal innovation. Created by a librarian/artist from New Hampshire, this experience promises to be unique and fun.

Registration is now open. More information will be posted as it becomes available. If you have questions about lodging, the program, or registration, please contact Raquel Ortiz at rortiz@rwu.edu.


Photo Credit: Kathleen MacAndrew

LLNE Spring Meeting 2015: Mindfulness and Librarians

Save the Date: LLNE Spring 2015 Meeting, April 24 2015The University of New Hampshire Law Library and the Association of New Hampshire Law Librarians are pleased to announce that they will be hosting the Spring 2015 Law Librarians of New England (LLNE) conference on April 24, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in downtown Concord, New Hampshire.

The Spring 2015 LLNE Conference, Mindfulness and Librarians: Bridge over Troubled Waters, promotes the integration of mindfulness into the training of lawyers and law students, as a way of increasing well-being, balance, and effectiveness. Mindfulness is the gentle effort of being continuously present with experience. Author Jon Kabat-Zinn’s definition of mindfulness is “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” Over time, bringing a mindful perspective into legal education and law practice may provide great benefits to lawyers and their clients, and ultimately foster a more just, compassionate, and reflective legal system.

Librarians often fail to give ourselves over completely to the moment – the reference interview, the question being asked, teaching classes, the catalog record, etc. Librarians love to multitask. How can we not multitask, given the nature of our jobs, with the information-saturated environments in which we work? We will explore how mindfulness practice will lead us and those we serve to be mindful, increase intellectual and emotional intelligence, expand capacity and resilience, decrease stress and anxiety, cultivate and advance joy and satisfaction in the practice of law leading to enhanced civility, and greater ease at home with family and friends. Our program brings together speakers from various disciplines supporting our consideration of mindfulness in libraries, legal education and practice and dispute resolution.

Speakers and facilitators include attorney and educator Liz Maillett of Still Sense who will be delivering the keynote talk on “Mindfulness and the Troubled Legal World,” Margaret Fletcher, of the Center for Health Promotion at Concord Hospital who will be speaking on the topic of “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction,” Professor and author Deborah Calloway who will be speaking on the topic “Becoming a Joyful Lawyer,” Associate Dean Filippa Anzalone of Boston College Law who will be facilitating an unconference section of the event on the topic of “Mindfulness and Librarianship,” and Professor Sophie Sparrow of UNH Law who will speaking on the topic of “Mindfulness in Legal Education.”

Registration for the event is $55 per person and includes lunch.


SAVE THE DATE: Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries to Celebrate Historic Anniversary, Thursday, March 26th, 12:00pm-1:00pm

Please save the date so you can help our colleagues at the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries celebrate their anniversary! See details below!

Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries to Celebrate Historic Anniversary

The Trial Court Law Libraries will mark the 200th anniversary of the enactment of legislation that established what was to become a system of public law libraries in the Massachusetts. The public is invited to attend the following event to celebrate this milestone.

The Great Hall
John Adams Courthouse
1 Pemberton Square
Boston, MA 02108

Thursday, March 26, 2015
12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.

At the reception, speakers will highlight the Law Libraries’ service to the Judiciary, members of the Bar Associations, and the public.

Light refreshments will be served.