Materials from presentations in San Antonio

We have noticed that presentation materials from some programs at the AALL Annual Meeting in San Antonio have been posted in various locations. Be sure to check out the following examples:

Professor Jerry Kang (UCLA School of Law) has posted presentation materials from Plenary II: Pervasive Computing: Embedding the Public Sphere to the Talks page of his website.

Lolly Gasaway’s PowerPoint presentation for Multimedia Presentations: How to Get Copyright Clearance and other Permissions for Digital Projects which is linked at the Computing Services-SIS Resource Page for Copyright and Licensing Digital Materials, also prepared for the program by Therese A. Clarke Arado.

Supplementary materials for “Don’t Throw That Away!”: Ensuring Future Access to Legal Information in an Age of Digital Media” have been posted at

Want to “hear” what you missed? Tapes and CD’s of San Antonio programs are available for purchase.

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