LLNE Service Project: Public Libraries Book Drive at the Spring Meeting

In conjunction with the LLNE Outreach to Public Libraries Service Initiative, we are sponsoring a book drive to collect a mini-collection of law books to donate to a Connecticut public library in need.
LLNE Book Drive: LLNE Outreach to Public Libraries

Donations of books or funds will be collected at the Spring Meeting. New books are preferred, but recently superseded editions withdrawn from your own library’s collections are also welcome. Checks may be made payable to LLNE and specify “Public Libraries Book Drive” in the memo field.

Details and a wish list of titles are available at the Spring Meeting website.

Register now for the LLNE Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon

The menu and registration details for the LLNE Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon are now available on the LLNE website.

To register for the luncheon, please RSVP by email to llneluncheon@gmail.com no later than Friday, July 5, 2013.

Please also mail a check for $40.00, payable to Law Librarians of New England, to LLNE Treasurer Melanie Cornell.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Seattle!

New slate of candidates for LLNE Executive Board

The Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following slate of officers for the coming year.

VP/President Elect: Barbara Schneider from the MA Trial Court Law Libraries (one year term)
Secretary: Nicole Dyszlewski, Senior Law Librarian Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library (two year term)
Education Director: Lisa Junghahn, Research Librarian at Harvard Law School (two year term)

Elaine Apostola, Chair
Michele Pearse
Betsy Swan

There are still tickets to the Boston Red Sox vs. the Toronto Blue Jays during AALL in Boston! 

So, if baseball’s your passion, don’t miss this opportunity to visit Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox and one of the best-known sports venues in baseball – now on the National Register of Historic Places. This is your last chance to snag this hard-to-get ticket to attend a game after the Opening Reception on Saturday, July 21st.  Come celebrate Fenway’s 100th anniversary and sit with your colleagues and make it a night to remember.

You can order your tickets and get more information at http://www.aallnet.org/conference/while-there/experience/excursions.html#sox

Update 7/13/12:  The tickets are now sold out!

Looking for a few good librarians

The AALL Annual Meeting newspaper, the Hub, and its companion blog, the Hub-bub, are looking for energetic law librarians to join our team in Boston.  The paper and blog will be covering all aspects of the meeting including events at the conference, local attractions, general announcements, and your impressions of the meeting.  Folks who sign on to the team will be considered official bloggers for the conference and enjoy benefits such as dedicated space with wifi and power outlets in program rooms for blogging about programs and an “AALL Blogger” badge ribbon to facilitate in person interactions with attendees.  

Please contact Joan Shear, joan.shear@bc.edu if you are interested in being an official reporter for the newspaper or Michelle Pearse, mpearse@law.harvard.edu, if you are interested in joining the blogging adventure.   Even if you don’t want to commit to regular reporting or blogging, one-time posts or contribution of content/news generally is greatly appreciated!   Copy for the preconference electronic edition of the Hub should be sent to joan.shear@bc.edu no later than June 7, and for the first print edition no later than July 9.

Maine Dine Around: An SLA Boston/LLNE Social Event

SLA Boston & LLNE are partnering for this social gathering

Dine Around in Portland, Maine at the Portland Lobster Company!

Summer is here! Please join other information professionals from Maine and other parts of Northern New England for a delicious dinner at the Portland Lobster Company on Thursday, July 28th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The Portland Lobster Company is located in downtown Portland, Maine on Commercial Street and has a great menu with reasonable prices. They also have nice outdoor seating close to the water. Come and chat with other information professionals in this open forum! This is a great chance to get together with others in your profession and discuss common issues in your field – plus enjoy some Maine seafood!!!

Date: Thursday, July 28th at 6:00 pm

Place: Portland Lobster Company

Cost: Your own food and drink

Registration: Please register via SurveyMonkey by July 22nd, so that we can provide the restaurant an accurate count of attendees.

Parking: Folks should park either on Commercial Street (if you can find a spot), in the Fisherman’s Wharf Parking, or see more parking options.

“Dine Arounds” are smaller, more casual meals where you can connect with other SLA colleagues and other fellow colleagues while having a good time!

Questions? Contact: Kami Bedard at kbedard at pierceatwood.com or 207-791-1142

Hope to see you there!

Law and Technology Camp 5/16 at HLS

The Inaugural LATCamp

Interested in using technology to ease the pain of creating end-of-semester outlines? Want to share library resources with law students and professors in a completely new way? Looking for a way to finally illustrate a case in class through the use of technology? Or are you just plain curious about the intersection of legal information and technology? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should come to LATCamp!

LATCamp (Law and Technology Camp) is a one-day unconference hosted by the Harvard Law School on May 16. We welcome everyone who is involved with legal education throughout New England – students, professors, librarians, technologists. It promises to be an exciting day of lively discussions, brainstorming, and forming new ideas. See the About page for more information.

Applying to LATCamp couldn’t be easier! Just fill out the registration form with a little bit of information about yourself and why you want to come to LATCamp. Applications are due by April 18, 2011, and all participants will be notified by April 25 of their acceptance. Due to space constraints, we will be capping attendance at 75.

Once you’re accepted, you are encouraged to submit session proposals and to comment on others. Lively discussions before the day begins help to shape the discussion topics and to set the participatory tone for the day. You can also sign up for a Dork Short! Dork Shorts are 2-minute mini-presentations on projects you may be working on. They are presented before the whole group, and you can show off a web-based project, or just get up and talk, prop-free.

Send questions to Margaret Peachy at mpeachy@law.harvard.edu.

LLNE President Update

What? Wait a minute! It’s October 1? How can that be? I was just sworn in as LLNE President in….JULY? No! That can’t be right. Can it?
I can’t believe it is October already and I am sure many of you are feeling this very same way. I wanted to take some time out of the craziness that is September to fill you all in on what is happening with LLNE.

Snow in October

Amanda Merck, Chair of the LLNE Service Committee has organized a great event, where volunteers from LLNE will participate in Jumpstart’s “Read for the Record” campaign. This year they will be reading “The Snowy Day” to children at The Open Center in Somerville, MA on the morning of Thursday, October 7th. Please note: They were originally scheduled to read in the afternoon, but it has been changed to 10:00 am ‑ 11:30 am! They will be joined by Senator Pat Jehlen and Suzan Bocamazo, the new editor of the Mass Lawyers Weekly! Last year the MLW showcased photos of our event in their newspaper.

In its fifth year, Jumpstart’s “Read for the Record” campaign will bring together hundreds of thousands of people to break the world record for the number of children read to in a single day with a single book, TheSnowy Day. I hope you can join your volunteer‑minded colleagues but if you cannot attend the event please feel free to make a contribution on our book drive website: http://www.readfortherecord.org/site/TR/RFTR/General?team_id=6010&pg=tea

If you cannot donate or join the volunteers in Somerville there is something else you can do ‑ you can read to a child and then register it on the Jumpstart website, http://www.readfortherecord.org/site/PageServer?pagename=pledge_2010_form. There is great power in reading to a young child! And you can be a World Record Holder!

Thank you, Amanda, for organizing this great event!

Completing the National Inventory

Those of you at the annual meeting in Denver in July heard me speak about the importance of AALL’s current project to complete a national inventory of primary legal materials. It is AALL’s policy that the public have no-fee permanent public access to authentic online legal information on government websites, including the text of all primary legal materials. The state work groups are currently in the process of compiling the primary legal resources of every level of government for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. As you can imagine, this is a huge task and many of LLNE’s members are participating in this project. Below are the state working groups for the states that make up LLNE. If you would like to take part in this project please do not hesitate to contact anyone on this list. I am sure they would gladly take your help. It is my hope that by July 2011, when we are meeting at the AALL Annual Meeting in Pennsylvania, that each state in LLNE will have completed its inventory.
If you want to learn more about this project you can go to the AALL Government Relations Website at http://www.aallnet.org/aallwash/.

Please join me in thanking the following individuals for their participation in this very important project.

Camilla Tubbs, Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Library (coordinator)
Steve Mirsky, Connecticut State Library
Darcy Kirk, University of Connecticut School of Law Library
Ryan Harrington, Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Library
Cesar Zapata, Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Library

John Barden, Maine State Law & Legislative Reference Library (coordinator)
Christine I. Hepler, Donald L. Garbrecht Law Library, University of Maine School of Law
Louise A. Jensen, Drummond, Woodsum & MacMahon
Ian Bourgoine, MLIS student at University of Pittsburgh Library and Information Science Program and Intern at the Donald L. Garbrecht Law Library, University of Maine School of Law

Susan Zago, LLNE Immediate Past-President, Northeastern University Law Library (coordinator)
Joan Shear, Boston College Law Library
Michelle Pearse, Harvard Law School Library
David Bachman, Boston University Pappas Law Library
Kevin Coakley-Welch, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office

New Hampshire

Mary S. Searles, John W. King New Hampshire Law Library (coordinator)
Donna Gilbreth, New Hampshire State Library
Cindy Landau, Franklin Pierce Law Center Law Library

Rhode Island
Anne McDonald, Rhode Island Department of Attorney General (coordinator)
Karen Quinn, Rhode Island State Law Library
Emilie Benoit, Roger Williams University School of Law

Paul Donovan, Vermont Department of Libraries (co-coordinator)
Patricia Gabel, Court Improvement and Innovation, Vermont Judiciary (co-coordinator)
Jane Woldow, Vermont Law School Julien and Virginia Cornell Library

The Fall LLNE Meeting

The fall LLNE meeting will be held at Northeastern University School of Law Library in Boston. At this meeting we will be learning how to improve workplace health and worker’s morale. Libraries are being faced with demands for doing more with less and in some cases libraries are being closed or being threatened with closure. Information is coming in from all angles and monumental change happens as we sip our morning coffee. How can you be more efficient and more effective? How can you keep your spirits up as well as your colleagues and customers? Come to the Fall LLNE Meeting and find out!

Jay Hargis, Director of Learning & Development at Tufts Medical Center will give the keynote address on “Catching the Morale Virus” and how to keep an upbeat attitude at work and then spread it around. Hamish Blackman, CEO of Wellness Corporation will talk about individual stressors and examines techniques for managing events, behavior, and attitude. Jason Eiseman, Librarian for Emerging Technologies at Yale Law School will do a presentation on dealing with information overload. Stephen Donweber, Senior Legal Information and Educational Technology Librarian at Pappas Law Library will be our facilitator for our joint brainstorming session on how we can apply these ideas and concepts to our own situations.
I hope to see many of you there on November 19. With the holidays fast approaching by this time, maybe Mr. Blackman will also talk to us about holiday stressors and how to manage those!

I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the fall! I look forward to meeting and working with you this year as your President

Christine I. Hepler
LLNE President 2010-2011
Associate Director
Garbrecht Law Library
University of Maine School of Law