Another Great Year to be an LLNE Member

By the Membership Committee

LLNE is having a wonderful year, which wraps up on June 30.   So far this year our members coordinated two terrific meetings, ran another successful Legal Research Instruction Program,  wrote for our blog on technology, teaching, and turning theory into practice, and within committees contributed blog posts on Archives & History, Government Relations, and Service.   Members have been awarded scholarships to attend the fall and spring LLNE meetings, have been honored by a number of AALL Awards, will be serving in AALL leadership positions, or are preparing to coordinate/present at the AALL meeting.

The Membership Committee has written about LLNE Life Membership, which the membership awarded to six retired members at the spring 2015 meeting, and the wonderful privileges that come with LLNE membership.  In December, we sent our first holiday card to the membership.  At the spring meeting, we had our first LLNE table and ran our first Twitter campaign #LLNEMeans where members told our followers what LLNE means to them.

At the fast approaching AALL meeting, we will hold our first Meet & Greet with LLNE Executive Board Members.  Look for an invitation in your email in June.  Look out also for the return of Pat the Pilgrim and more of his Twitter shenanigans.  We will have a wonderful table in the Exhibit Hall, highlighting LLNE’s year, so look for us during one of the Exhibit Hall breaks or whenever you have some time at the Exhibit Hall.

As the year ends, we take this opportunity to remind you that renewal notices will be sent via email to each individual member very soon.  If any colleagues from your institution have moved outside the area or have retired, please contact Raquel Ortiz, Membership Development Chair.  If you know of any law librarians in your area who are not members, please let them know about the wonderful benefits of membership and point them to our online membership form.   When you renew your membership, take a look at our volunteer opportunities.  Even if you can’t join a committee, be sure to share your wonderful ideas with the chair(s).

Finally, the LLNE Membership Development Committee wants to hear from you.  What kinds of activities, in person, virtual, or other, would you like us to take on for the benefit of LLNE members?  How can we encourage communication, collaboration, networking, and fun within LLNE?  Contact any committee member with your thoughts.

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