Your $10 LLNE Membership Has Its Privileges

By the LLNE Membership Development Committee

LLNE is one of the most affordable professional membership for law librarians (or any librarians!). When we are faced with the constant challenge of “doing more with less”and the rising cost of legal publications, it is nice to know that some bills have not gone up. When we are reassessing our memberships and trying to figure out which ones we must have and which ones we cannot afford anymore, let’s remember how the $10 cost of LLNE benefits our members:

  1. Community: Sometimes we just have #lawlibraryproblemz and it’s good to know that there are other people out there who can understand them.
  2. Educational Opportunities: While LLNE membership is not required for attendance at the Spring and Fall meetings, it is the LLNE organization and its members who work to plan and host these meetings to further professional development in our field.
  3. Service: The LLNE Service Committee is busy throughout the year uniting members from throughout New England in service. Volunteers always welcome!
  4. Listserv: The members-only LLNE listserv is a great way to find out about upcoming employment opportunities, educational opportunities and other law library happenings.
  5. Advocacy: The LLNE Government Relations Committee, in partnership with the AALL Government Relations Committee, works to further the profession and the ideals of law librarianship.
  6. Scholarships: Scholarships are available for a variety of professional development opportunities and for tuition for students. However, scholarship opportunities are only available to members.
  7. Networking: You never know when you will discover your next career move. Many directors and hiring managers in New England law libraries are members of LLNE!

Whether you are a library school student interested in law librarianship who is just joining LLNE for the first time or a former LLNE Executive Board member who has been a member for decades, sometimes it it just good to appreciate the value of LLNE membership. Membership: it definitely has its privileges.

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