LLNE Wrap-Up

Good Morning Members!

The 2023-2024 LLNE year has wrapped up and we have many things to celebrate! First, we had the opportunity to appoint our first Equity Director, Kathy Fletcher, who hosted an amazing e-board retreat in February. We worked hard to fill vacant committee positions. LLNE also hosted the Legal Research Instruction Program again in March, which had a total of 15 students register, two of whom attended on the LRIP scholarship. In the Fall we had a wonderful meeting hosted by Northeastern University in Boston, “The Fog of War: International and Foreign Legal Research in Today’s World” and the Spring meeting was held at Social Law Library in Boston on “History in Law | Law in History”.

The committees had another successful year as well. We were able to fill some vacant spots on committees needing help. The Annual Report will summarize committee work so look for that soon!

I am excited to welcome Maureen Quinlan from Maine Law as our incoming President. I look forward to working with Maureen over the next year.

Please remember to mark your calendars for the Fall meeting on October 25th in Maine, hosted by Maine Law and the Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library.

Thank you everyone for another great year in LLNE!

Sara Monalea McMahon, Hampshire Law Library, outgoing LLNE President

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