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The conference website for the LLNE Fall 2008 meeting, including online registration, is now available at http://bulawinteractive.org/bu/llnefall2008/

Employment Law in the 21st Century: The Impact of Technology on the Workplace
Friday, November 7, 2008
Boston University School of Law
Hosted by: the Pappas Law Library staff

With the introduction of new technology into the workplace, new areas of legal uncertainty have also arisen. What kind of information are employers considering in their employment decisions? Does your FaceBook site contain too much information? Should and can employers monitor or control computer use inside and even outside the office? Could your e-mail get your employer in trouble? How are employers handling the personal information of their employees? All of these questions have important legal dimensions. Many of these questions are only now beginning to be addressed through regulation and litigation. This program will address how employers and the legal community contend with the dynamic environment created by technological change.

Please contact Raquel Ortiz if you have any questions about the conference.

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