“Gotta Get Back in Time” – LLNE Ten Years Ago

By Laurel Davis, Boston College Law Library
Archives Committee Co-Chair

Writing this post is making me want to buy a Huey Lewis & the News album or watch Back to the Future, but I’ll try to finish writing before allowing the distraction to overtake me.

So, what were the folks at LLNE up to 10 years ago? To find out, I combed through the first LLNE newsletter to come out in 2005.

Susan Vaughn, then at Suffolk University Law School and now a colleague at Boston College Law School, was writing about a struggle that we still face today when teaching legal research. She posed a question about what level of focus should be kept on print resources and how to convince students that sometimes print is the way to go; she also made the point that, while these specific questions are important to explore, the more important lesson for the students is the one about the process of research—not the particular sources or platforms.

Other notable pieces included: an update from then-President Raquel Ortiz about LLNE’s activities (including a new blog and a new LLNE academic scholarship!) and the upcoming annual meeting in San Antonio; a fun “Legal Limit” cartoon by newsletter co-editors Sharon Persons and Susan Vaughn about the desolation of nighttime roving reference duty and more; a quite amusing Miss Nomer advice column; some Feng Shui advice for one’s office; and news about the new Social Law Library space in the John Adams Courthouse!

Take a look, and enjoy this glimpse back in time at LLNE!

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