Beyond the book drive: Service Committee Happenings

By the LLNE Service Committee

For the last year or so the Service Committee has been working on a book drive. As of the start of 2015, we have chosen one library from each New England state and have donated (or will in the next few weeks donate) a small legal collection to these recipients.  The feedback we have gotten about this project has been fantastic. Considering the success of the project, we have decided to continue to work with the concept of outreaching to New England public librarians.

The start of 2015 has been busy for the service committee. The new year has brought the addition of Rebecca Martin as co-chair of the committee, the inclusion of several new members (the committee has almost tripled in size!), and the formation of two subcommittees to work on new projects. One of the subcommittees will be working on creating a web portal while the other will be working on developing in-person educational and outreach opportunities. Both subcommittees will continue to focus their projects on outreach to public librarians in New England.

Sometimes LLNE members cannot attend the Spring or Fall Meetings due to a number of factors. This is also true (and perhaps more true?) for the Annual Meeting. Realizing that this is a reality of the membership of our organization, the Service Committee is trying to bring projects to you.  We are looking for members to volunteer to assist with educational opportunities at local public libraries that have requested legal research training. We are looking for members to volunteer to be designated as available to help out a local public librarian colleague over email or phone in a pinch. If you might considering helping out the service committee outreach to public libraries in New England, contact one of the committee co-chairs, Rebecca and Catherine via email.

Also, we are always looking for new, different, and unique ways to outreach to public librarians. If you know of a listserv we should join, can think of a conference we might attend, or have a fantastic idea for a public library educational program, contact us! We would love to hear your idea or even work with you to make outreach happen in your neck of the woods.

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