A Reflection on Conferences Past and Future. Save October 25th to attend the Fall LLNE Conference.  

From Maureen Quinlan

An interesting and educational Spring LLNE/ABLL Conference was hosted by the Social Law Library. It was titled History in Law / Law in History. I thoroughly enjoyed each lecture.  Professor Amar and Justice Kafker provided a thought-provoking session on Law In History. The session gave me a clearer awareness of how Constitutional Law is perceived and how to understand Constitutional Law in the context of the past and today.

The panel of expert librarians on legislative history gave us insight into the resources available in each New England State to understand legislative histories. Providing legislative history information requires an understanding of each state’s resources and the patrons’ needs.

The final presentation on preservation problems with e-resources with Caroline Walters and David Walker defined the current state of the preservation challenge. The discussion led to some practical ways librarians can help solve the problem for future generations. Asking vendors to consider creating an archive of superseded materials is one practical tip for helping open the conversation. Over time it has the potential to create awareness and begin to address the issue.

I wanted to announce the Save the Date for the Fall LLNE Conference.  The date is Friday, October 25th. The Conference is being held at the McKernan Hospitality Center located on the campus of Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) in South Portland.  

We hope to plan a fall conference as interesting as this past spring conference. The fall conference’s working title is The Role of Law Libraries in the Age of AI. Further details will follow.

The McKernan Center is a converted mansion that sits on the SMCC Campus with views of the Atlantic Ocean. The SMCC campus is a lovely place to visit, with a beach at the end of campus.  SMCC still does not charge for parking. The campus is just over the bridge from Portland.  Autumn is considered by many to be the best time to visit Maine.  Foliage, pumpkins, and local apples are readily available. The Spring Point Inn is attached to the McKernan Center and sometimes has a few rooms available.   

I was trying to remember the first LLNE Conference I attended. If you can not remember the last LLNE Conference you attended, it may be time to consider joining us on October 25th.  The LLNE Conference will not be held in Maine again for years!  Do not miss another opportunity.

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