LLNE Policy on Student Discounts for LLNE Meetings

It shall be the policy of LLNE to set student registration fees for
LLNE meetings to be ½ the full registration fee set by the Program Committee. The
student rate shall be publicized on the meeting brochures, website and other registration
materials. The rate for the student registration should be reviewed by the Program
Committee to verify whether it adequately covers the costs of the venue, meals and
presentation materials. Any significant shortfall should be brought to the attention of the
Executive Board for approval and support from the LLNE treasury.


Hardship requests for a lesser fee may be made at the discretion of the Program
Committee in exchange for volunteer services by the student at the meeting. The
decision to offer hardship rates and the number to be offered should be made by the
Program Committee at the time the meeting budget is being set, the registration fee is
being determined, and before the registration fees are publicized to the LLNE
membership. Hardship rates do not need to be publicized on the meeting brochure or
website, but may be handled on the basis of an individual request to the Program
Committee Chair.


Students who are not members of LLNE should be encouraged and invited to join LLNE.

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