Placement Committee


1. The Placement Committee serves as a clearinghouse of available law library positionsin New England and individuals who are actively seeking employment in a New England law library.
2. The Placement Committee consists of of a Chairperson and such other members as shall
be necessary to assemble the most complete file of job openings and applicants.
3. The Chairperson maintains a current file of job descriptions and resumes and is available
to talk with persons either seeking employment or potential employees. The Chairperson also provides some minimum advice to persons regarding available employment, salaries and contacts.
4. The Committee provides assistance for jobs which are predominantly in the professional category, although support level positions are occasionally listed.


The Membership Development Committee was created in Spring 2002 by the LLNE Executive Board, with Darcy Kirk presiding. The committee absorbed the activities of the placement, membership, and recruitment committees.
The charge of the former Placement Committee was preserved here as an aid to draft the charge for the new Membership Development Committee.

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