How a Bill Becomes a Law

How a Bill Becomes a Law in New England

Not every state can afford to have a cartoon or song created by Schoolhouse Rock about their legislative process, but each state does have this information online. Below are links to state government websites about how a bill becomes a law. While the steps are different in each of the New England states, the links below can help you understand the process.

Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Vermont


The main entry point for citizens interested to know how a bill becomes a law in CT is the Citizen’s Guide page on the state’s main legislative website. The website includes videos, PDFs and HTML pages that explain the legislative process in CT.

Citizen’s Guide PDF: How a bill becomes a law in Connecticut? More detailed explanation on Enactment of Bills


Below are links to three webpages about how a bill becomes a law in Maine. The first link contains a basic overview. The second link is a more detailed account of the process. The third link is specifically written for children.

Basic Annotated For Kids


Below are two links that describe how a bill becomes a law in Massachusetts. The first link is a a detailed explanation of the process by the Massachusetts Bar Association. The second is a pdf that provides a simple explanation of the legislative process, provided by the Massachusetts Legislature.

 Mass Bar  Massachusetts Legislature (PDF)

New Hampshire

Below is a link to a webpage about how a bill becomes a law in New Hampshire, including a description of each stage of the process.

Overview of Legislative Process

Rhode Island

Below are links to two webpages about how a bill becomes a law in Rhode Island. The first link contains a basic overview while the second is specifically written for children.

Basic  For Kids


Below are links to four webpages about how a bill becomes a law in Vermont. The first link describes the legislative staff and the steps of the legislative process. The second link is an infographic with a short description of each step a bill goes through on its way to becoming a law. The final link is a site designed for kids interested in becoming a legislative page in the Vermont State House.

The Legislative Process  Infographic For Kids

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