UELMA Advocacy for Massachusetts

The bill for UELMA in the current session is HB43

UPDATE: HB43 is now sitting in the House Ways and Means Committee.

Letter from LLNE President Diane D’Angelo to Representative Brian S. Dempsey, Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee

One-pager explaining UELMA bill H43 in Massachusetts

Testimony by Barbara Morgan for H. 43 to Joint Committee on the Judiciary (May 27, 2015)

UELMA Subcommittee of the LLNE Government Relations Committee: Barbara Morgan, Chair (bmorgan@library.umass.edu); Marnie Warner, Barbara Schneider, Michelle Pearse, Joan Shear and Sue Zago

2014 UELMA legislation in Massachusetts

UPDATE: H. 38 was reported favorably out of the Judiciary Committee and has been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Testimony by Marnie Warner for previous version HB 38 to Joint Committee on the Judiciary (April 24, 2014) (UELMA in Massachusetts)

Reporting Massachusetts Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act HB 38 (UELMA) out of committee

A hearing for (HB 38) before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary was held on 4/24/2014. Marnie Warner testified for LLNE. We are waiting for it to be reported out of committee and are hoping that LLNE members who live in Massachusetts and have state Representatives and Senators ON THE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE will be contacting them to express their support for the bill. Time is of the essence (within the next week)!

1. Who are your delegates?

2. Is one of them a member of the Judiciary Committee?

3. If one of your delegates is a member of the Judiciary Committee and you support HB 38 (UELMA), please e-mail a letter to them supporting its passage. A sample letter appears on the LLNE website.

A one-page summary of why UELMA should pass in Massachusetts is available from the llne.org website. Additional materials about UELMA appear on the AALL website.

Thank you! This legislation is at the heart of what we do as Law Librarians, giving people access to their law.

Michelle Pearse, Barbara Schneider, Marnie Warner
LLNE Massachusetts Government Relations Committee
2014 Sub-committee working on the passage of UELMA in Massachusetts

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